Month: June 2019

Beauty is Pain: A Look Back at the Birth of Self-Deprecation -sayings about beauty

Are you beautiful? In a perfect world, there would be no room for a question of this magnitude. This question brings on the feeling of doubtfulness, wavering confidence, self-loathing, and unstable feelings. Resentment of our reflection decided to embed itself in the DNA of many of our generations. At times we may find ourselves being closed in as we pressContinue Reading

Sleeping Beautiful: Hair Beauty Sleeping Tips to Pass to your Daughter-toddler sleeping beauty

My hair hasn’t been always boldly locked. There has been a time when I would go to bed dreading waking to the unknown. I rarely had a clue what I would be doing with my hair for school the next morning. Never would I have imagined that the sleep the night before could be a blessing for the day afterContinue Reading