Month: September 2019

Undeveloped and Uncivilized

They want us to forget that millions of our ancestors claimed a homeland. The motherland. Then placed in chains, forced to undergo chattel slavery. They don’t want us to remember that no one else can speak of a taintedness like this. A forced migration. They ask, why do we still bring up the past. Yet presently our outward appearance stillContinue Reading

Aging Hair

Attributes of Aging Hair According to Medline Plus, there lay two attributes of aging hair. The color change represents one attribute. The pigmentation melanin on each hair shaft shows before it begins to turn gray. As a person ages, melanin decreases giving way to silver strands. This process can also occur at very young ages. What you inherit generationally canContinue Reading

Field Negros

What specifically accounts as the professional look? To many, it is common sense. But who “common” did we settle for. We hate for it to be true, but the world conditioned us to live by rules set by the oppressor. Don’t look this way. Don’t speak that way! Since we don’t want to grumble about every little piece the world throwsContinue Reading

Our Flaw

Sometimes our flaw is that we forget. Or life gets so smoothe we eventually trip. Discernment and consciousness we put aside. Eventually falling because we can’t find our grip. Then, there are times our compassion doesn’t exist. Just judgment and ridicule of others while we live in bliss. Confident we can live in other’s shoes without taking the risks. ButContinue Reading