how to grow your natural

Have we ever considered putting the health of our hair to the forefront? Clean diet challenges have us hooked. All of the gyms stay filled with those who desire more from their bodies. Should we stop there? Of course not! Every inch of our being is important. Hair included! She is our glory, she is our crown! For women, she gives us life! Let us look into these 4 ways to know if she’s healthy!


1. The rate of which it is growing


Just like one of the ways to monitor the health of your heart is to check the rate of its speed, we will do the same here. Have you paid attention to the rate in which your hair grows? Don’t panic if it seems like your hair isn’t growing. African American women’s hair grows around ½ an inch per month. What should alarm you is if you are having so much breakage and split ends. Make sure you’re not using hair elastics that aren’t covered properly or coloring and overprocessing your hair. African American hair needs moisture, moisture, moisture! When you are noticing growth don’t forget your new growth is fragile because it has not had time to strengthen yet. Don’t be so rough!

4 Ways to Know if She’s Healthy-how to grow your natural

2. Water, Water, Water


What makes a healthy liver. Less alcohol intake and lots of water! I am not telling you to wash your hair every day. Black women’s hair is not like those who have very straight hair. Because of our kinks and curls, it is harder for the oils to run from our roots down to the ends of our hair. We need to keep our hair moisturized and too much washing will dry our hair out. When I say water, water, water, I mean drinking it. Yes! Drinking water strengthens and grows your hair. If dandruff is one of your biggest problems I suggest paying attention to your water intake.

4 Ways to Know if She’s Healthy

3. Stop Stressing


Many doctors will tell you one way to keep your kidneys healthy is to watch your blood pressure. Did you know that hair loss and stress have been found to be related in several cases? Some believe that one hair loss, alopecia, is caused by being stressed. Many don’t realize that once anxiety and stress are introduced into your life, you began losing site of many healthy decisions. Depression keeps you in solitude and makes you want to stay inside in the dark. You are no longer subjecting your hair and skin to the energy of the sun. Your diet becomes unhealthy because you are too down to cook or shop and all your good habits are traded for the bad. The healthy living you may not realize you were apart of, eating right, getting the right vitamins, etc is now dead. And now so is your hair. Make sure you take the time from your busy life to heal from any pain, problems, or struggles. Talk to someone and take up new hobbies to keep you out of your funk.

4 Ways to Know if She’s Healthy

4. Physically, Emotionally, Mentally, and Spiritually Healthy


So, we’ve talked about how to take care of your hair physically, emotionally, and mentally. But I can’t let you leave from here and have you forgetting that the spiritual health of your hair is equally important. I know this may sound strange but hear me out. Part of being spiritual is preparing your soul for the other side. Most of us feel that there is more to this life and so we make sure we live in a way where we will have peace in our coming future. We plan for our soul’s future. This is exactly what we should do for our hair.

Let’s not take the quick fix route that may get us what we are looking for in our hair at the moment. We should always make certain that whatever choices we make with our hair won’t harm it in the long run. Be considerate when it comes to who does your hair, what products you use and the hairstyles you wear. Never choose a style over healthy edges, strong follicles, and healthy scalp. I hope you’ve enjoyed the 4 ways to know if she’s healthy. All in all, keep your crown shining and sign up for exclusive emails to find out even more how to do so!


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