6 Hair Tips From Around the World

Have you ever felt all alone with your hair struggles? At times it only seems that your comb is always breaking, you can’t find the right brush, or you have yet to find the products your hair love. Going natural can create anxiety in itself. You are not alone. There lives a YOU all around the world. Let connect and find what has helped each other from afar and near. Here are 6 black girl hair tips from around the world!


Tip #1 From London

6 Hair Tips From Around the World


I use all-natural products on my natural hair-


Humidity is not said to be something to be too concerned of in London. Yet, for African Americans, we always want to make sure our kinky curls stay moisturized. Once you have your regimen in place for your luscious locks to stay moisturized try using castor oil to seal it all in!


Tip #2 From Hawaii

6 Hair Tips From Around the World


What are they doing in Hawaii for their length? Have you ever heard of the KuKui Nut Tree? This tree is the state tree of Hawaii. The Kukui nut has been pressed and used for many years. It is filled with fatty oils, antioxidants, and several vitamins! What it is known to do for your skin, it also does for your hair. This oil leaves your hair healthy and moisturized.  


Tip #3 From Mexico

6 Hair Tips From Around the World


Have you tried all you could to prevent hair loss? In Mexico, there is a Mexican “skin tree” that is said to be of help. Fron the tree is a substance called tepezcohuite that has been used to stop hair loss. This tree is known for regenerating itself and also doing the same for your hair. Overall this tree bark is said to circulate the blood flow and provide the scalp with nutrition. 


Tip #4 From India


I love my hot showers more than the next girl, but in India, they are said to no take hot showers!. Some studies have shown that hot water strips your hair of natural oils and leaves your hair very dry and less moisturized. Surprising enough cold hair is said to lock the moisturization into your hair. You should note that hot water is not all that bad for your hair. When cleansing your hair from all the dirt you can use hot water. With hot water, your pores will open up making it a lot easier to rid yourself of the dirt!


Tip #5 From Australia

Sometimes it is just way too humid. Your hair is unable to keep up. No matter what you do or how you slay your hair in the morning, hours later looks as if no effort was made. In Australia, it is said that protective hairstyles go a long way. Bantu knots, cornrows, and twists are just to name a few. Here is a site for the best protective styles for natural hair. https://www.lorealparisusa.com/beauty-magazine/hair-style/updo-and-bun-hairstyles/natural-hair-protective-hairstyles.aspx 


Tip #6 From Africa


Let’s not forget the motherland! Have you ever tried Ghee butter?  Ghee is clarified butter that I use a lot to substitute for all the bad butter you buy at the store. Did you know you can use this for your hair as well? In some parts of Ethiopia, this butter is used for their hair. The end results are said to make your hair very strong and durable. 


I hoped you loved to travel around the world with me and learning hair tips. Safe travels back with all the new tricks you are taking back with yours. Let me know if or when you try any of these and what the results were. If you have any other tips to add to the 6 Black Girl Hair Tips From Around the World please comment. I am very much interested!

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