The Writer Behind the Pen


I couldn’t be more ecstatic to share with everyone the things I am most passionate about.  My writing houses an outlet at times when I feel I can’t quite put things into words out loud. On several occasions, my tongue will tie up, but the pen and pad never disappoint. My zeal for writing developed from my obsession with reading. Which advanced to writing my own poetry and now has started me on the journey of finishing my own book. What many enjoy doing at the podium I enjoy equally at a desk!


Raised in Ocala, Florida, blessed with two boys and married to the most amazing husband since 2010, there’s no doubt masculinity surrounds me. Here with you, I get to let my hair down have girl talk. I teach boldness, pride, surety, and self-respect. The most important thing for me is self-knowledge because without it you don’t know where you’re headed. 


Five years ago I began to love my hair. With this new found love my husband and I have become passionate about natural hair care products and perfecting what’s needed for the African American hair.  Now I introduce all three of my passions on one platform; My writing, my exhortation, and the love for African American women hair. Here Boldlyloc’d infuse the love of art, history, and culture, with writings to help individuals seek the will to do and be a better person each and every day.