Just Not in Our Hair

There have been several incidents where black women’s hair is longed to be touched or has been touched without our permission. Through many articles and movies, it has been explained an enormous amount of times why stranges should not reach out and touch our hair. Our unwillingness to have different types of hands in our hair doesn’t stop at strangers. Black women rarely let too many people in their hair. It doesn’t matter if we know you or not. Our crown is work. To the point that it may seem like we need all hands on deck. But just not in our hair!!!


Playing in Our Hair  Just Not in Our Hair

It may be cute to allow your boyfriend or your little baby to play in your hair. But that is just about as far as African American women will take it. We are not inclined to jump to different hairdressers or allow different friends to try different hairstyles on our heads. To be clear, jealousy is real. Though you may trust you have a solid group around you, you really don’t know who envies your crown until it is too late. There are many stories of people purposely destroying someones’ hair. Even a family member! Then it is those who don’t care or know much about your hair. African American hair ranges in variety and what may be good for one hair may not be good for another. Lastly, there are people who do styles way too tight and due to that, types of Alopecia like traction alopecia can occur. 


Spiritual Reasoning

Hair has so much importance in the eastern culture. Several cultures see it as an antenna. Sitting at the top of your head many believe it can send and receive signals. The hair on our head has been used for inner and outer strength as well as becoming more intuitive with the world. 

Native Americans were used in Vietnam as trackers. They were seen as experts in their field. Their skill was studied further because it was seen almost inhuman the sixth sense they had. In the study, it was found that once the Native American Indians were given a military hair cut, their skill of tracking ceased to exist. It is believed that their hair connects them to the land itself. 


Negative Energy Everywhere Just Not in Our Hair

We understand we can’t hide from all negative energies in the world, but we do our best to keep our life filled with positivity. In some spiritual groups, it is believed that your hair is Raja-Tama. Raja-Tama is also said to be the plain of demons or negative energies. Due to this, many believe it is easy for your hair to be attacked by other bad energies. Is this why the older women have told us don’t let too many hands be in our hair? I am not sure. Though you can see that when it comes to different spiritual “magic” a loc of hair seemed to be always needed. Some may not have dark beliefs as this but will admit that through hugs and other exchanges the aura in the room can change. 


No matter if we feel that energy or vibrations can be transferred from hair to hand, or that someone who doesn’t care as much as you do about your hair may destroy it, we all agree we don’t want too many hands in our hair. With my locks, I do feel a physical as well as a spiritual connection with my hair. My posture, boldness, pride, and intuition can definitely be connected to my decision to loc my hair. Next time you see someone with a headwrap you may want to think twice about why they are wrapped up. Is it cultural reasons, bad hair day, or protection from the energies surrounding it!




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