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The writer was raised in Ocala, Florida. She is the mother of two boys and has been married since 2010.

Her passion for writing developed from her obsession with reading, which advanced to writing her own poetry, and now has started her on her journey into finishing her own book and becoming an author.

She infuses her other loves, art, history, and culture, with writings to help individuals seek the will to do and be a better person each and every day.

in front of you is peace-poetry anthology

Poem by BoldlyLoc’d Don’t let it take a hold of you and snatch the gift of peace. This thing wants to pull you down. Lowered into the deep beyond anything of reach. Underneath a blanket of unsafety. It whispers come to a lower point with me. Just as you give in, up it rises to leave you all alone. You giveContinue Reading