Badly Bartering: Don’t be duped-barter system of exchange

We can only determine progress when we take ahold of our beauty. It proved necessary for our ancestors to let go of a lot to gain our freedom. Knowledge should not bring criticism, but respect. They did the best they could with what little they possessed. Our ancestors accomplished much more than anyone could ever imagine. Let us not be a generation that complains about the decisions made by our ancestors that pushed us towards freedom. We should take hold of what they started and continue forward. We fail when we believe that the bartering skills in the past still keeps us in a stagnate place in our present. Instead of understanding that, knowing better only works when people do better and make a change. Don’t be duped by believing we can’t continue to overcome. The first step starts with believing in our mind, power, and beauty.


Her Skin


Badly Bartering: Don’t be duped-barter system of exchange

Our Essence shines through when the sun kisses our skin. We give room for misinformation and they dupe us into believing that we fall short of beauty. Then, when we trade in our glory, they bathe in it. Five years ago FDA reported around thirty million Americans held an annual usage of tanning beds. Yet the skin bleaching industry will presumably hit over 20 billion by next year. We need to come to terms with our bartering system. Our ancestors never believed our skin was unworthy. Going through a system that set out to destroy us physically, emotionally, and mentally we have traded our gold for silver. As others bask in the sun that was created for us we are taught to stay out of the sun before we get too dark. The sun provides us with natural vitamin D. For those with darker skin we have to stay longer under the sun to allow the benefits to take place. Allow natural protection and self-healing to take place. Let the sun kiss your skin and watch it glow.



Her FeaturesBadly Bartering: Don’t be duped-barter system of exchange

Built different from the rest, we ooze with the strength to overcome all adversity. Our broad nose, big lips, and defined cheekbones are artist dreams. That nose of yours is a marker of where you come from. Many scientists have found the broader nostrils are usually found in warmer climate places and have advantages when it comes to not catching colds. With fuller lips then most primates we should never feel ashamed. The collagen industry is looking to hit under 7 billion by 2025 and we don’t need any of it! Photographers always have been interested in those with high cheekbones. Many described the person with high cheekbones as a person with a “weird but beautiful” face, but don’t be duped. Many cultures hold high cheekbones on a pedestal. When many face drupe because of the low features, high cheekbones droop less aging the person very well. 


Her Hair

Badly Bartering: Don’t be duped-barter system of exchange

I write so much about the crown that adorns our heads. We are each other’s reflection. Our hair has endured so much. By choice or by force I hair have changed when necessary. Together we understand damage, strain, and stress. Conforming to fit in at certain times and not liking ourselves in the mirror at others. But just the same, we both know strength, 

will power, and pride. Together we both have decided to find ourselves, and love ourselves again. Don’t be duped into wearing weaves, straight hair, and wigs only to fit into a mass that says you have to. You will only leave your world as the world appropriates your culture. Celebrate what you have been created with, if not someone else will take it and claim it as their own.


Sometimes we long for the things we don’t have. We covet what we believe strangers hold. Unable to step out ourselves we began to forget our own image. Everything we see looks good, beautiful, heavenly, but we don’t see it in ourselves. When we began living in the moment of I wish….. And looking for greener grass our life began to seem dull.  They say one mans trash is another man’s treasure. Don’t be duped. What you hold is priceless. 


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