Bald: Societies Perception About Beauty

Alopecia Awareness Month starts in the month of September. One type of alopecia spoken of throughout the African American community is traction alopecia. This alopecia develops because of a variety of hairstyles that can damage the hair follicles and cause a great amount of hair loss. Baldness, as a whole, never been a prideful way for a woman to rock her head. Societies’ perception of beauty in the past shunned baldness. What about now?!!!


Baldness VS Your Glory

We know that several hair losses happen in fazes. In a society that will try it all to have long hair, we rarely find those who seek short healthy hair. When men are looking for sexy women you rarely think of a sexy woman being without a head full of hair. How do we see baldness? Baldness sits in the category of sickness or illnesses of some sort. For example cancer or scalp damage. I still recall my great grandmother warning my grandmother to not cut her hair because it was her glory. Or other women asking my grandmother did she get my grandfather’s consent to cut her long hair.  


What about those women who cut their hair consistently? Those women who dare to take a razor to their head. The ones that show boldness, bravery, and makes a statement. Many women silently have fallen in love with the freedom and beauty shaving their heads brings to others. Wishing out loud that they could rock a bald head like the confident woman they admire. Yet, other women stand in fear of what society may say about them. Society perception clouds their own opinions of beauty. For those of you that feel pulled towards the Big Chop, never let those around you decide!


New Energy, New Perception, New Beginning!

Have you noticed, if you prune a tree, the tree focuses its energy towards the pruned area and the number of leaves that come out in that part of the tree in the next fifteen to thirty days are much more than in other parts of the tree? This happens because the tree directs its energy in the direction of the pruned area. The same thing happens in your body. If you suddenly remove your hair


Many women let go of their hair for different reasons at different times in their life. In doing so, some say they felt spiritual growth, the energy of freedom, a chain broken from the past, and/or a new powerful beginning. In my opinion, we have not taken care of our hair in the proper way in the past for a long and healthy ending, so when we began to see our hair’s potential we didn’t want to let it go.

Of course, our crown is our glory. Yet, as the saying goes, all glory comes from daring to begin! What we perceive will not always be what the next man perceives. Societies’ perception of beauty is old news. They say beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Tell me, what do you see!


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  1. A great read@boldlylocd. Informative details that’s so refreshing!

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