all beauty and the beast-Beauty Inside the Beast

The beauty in the inside is what matters. This is what we try to teach our children. There are so many beautiful people in the world with ugly souls. They mistreat, lie, and bring misery to the world of others. In my great grandmother home, it was important that her kids were respectful, honest, and hospitable. Our character was important. Through generations we still past those morals and ideas of being a good person down to our kids. While uplifting your children inner beauty we must not dismiss their outward. In society, we can’t hide our kids from a world that puts outward beauty on a pedestal. We must acknowledge our child’s outward beauty as well. If we don’t we may find ourselves adding to the narrative that our children can’t compete with outward beauty and only have a shot with what’s inward. Beauty inside the beast. 


The Beast Inside the Beauty


In our society mean girls are these pretty, well dressed, and well off girls. Every movie that hits our television, shows off the beautiful, hard to get girls, as malicious and unforgiving. With movies like Mean Girls, we can subconsciously begin to mesh the two. No one wants their little girl to grow up without kindness and compassion. There are many studies that speak on the psychological aspect of why being pretty and unkind seems to co-exist. Several testimonials from guys say that the pretty girls are manipulators and needy. Why is this?


Too many studies to give one right answer.  In our community, our elders passed down a love that would cure just about anything. Yet, as our elders are passing, so is many of our black girls’ confidence, pride, and self-esteem. There are several cases of our black girls taking their lives or ending up with depression. One thing is for sure is in order to help our little black girls, our society needs to be able to separate the looks of a person from the character. We should pay attention to how our little girls feel about the way they look on the outside just as we build them into a beautiful character in the inside. Yes, we know that beauty starts from within, but we find this out through life’s journey. We also have to remember how it was to be young and we co-exist in a part of a society that pays attention to what beauty is on the outside. Let us not let the world defined our children’s beauty because it will. Never forget that in the early 1900s The Miss America Pagent had a rule that contestants must be of good health and white race. This was their beauty. 

Beauty Inside the Beast-all beauty and the beast

Our Beauty Matters

On the other hand, we can scar our kids as well. When we decide to ignore our children outward beauty altogether we send sublimable messages that we don’t believe our beauty has a chance. This is far from true and our girls are in need of this knowledge. Black beauty can stand the test of time and have done so time and time again. With the terms, black don’t crack, and black girl magic, the world is starting to wake up as well. Don’t allow our girls to be ashamed of our uniqueness, and overfilled beauty. They will not be downgraded and marginalized like Sarah Baartman. Outcast because of our looks and then mimicking the beauty they downgrade. Our girls need to be proud of representing a beauty that was defined before the hands of time. We do not just have inner beauty. We will not be an inner beauty inside the beast. 

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