Began with Emotion but End with Logic!-how to think more logical

It’s the morning, you’re running late for work, and you just don’t know what to do with your hair. It’s okay to scream at the mirror! 


Everyone can remember a situation resembling this. Throwing the hairbrush, crying at the piece of hair that won’t stay in place, and redoing your style a million times!


Newsflash! There’s nothing wrong with being emotional, but a lot of these emotions stem from hair myths that have stuck with us for generations and there’s no logic to them. All problems and NO SOLUTIONS!


Black Hair Doesn’t Grow?

Natural Hair Doesn’t Look Good?


Oh, stop it! Of course, black hair grows. If you took the time to break away from only being around the family members who feel negative about wearing your hair natural, you would know this by now. There shouldn’t be any excuse to still exist stuck in the “black hair doesn’t grow” generation. We are now in the time of social media, so we can travel without ever leaving the town we were born in. Take the time to get to know those who have grown out their natural hair and could give you tips that helped them through their journey.


Now that that is said we should logically know that there is no way we should be still living by the creed that natural black hair doesn’t look good. There is plenty of natural hair Pinterest boards that are showing differently. Take a look at this one board here!

Began with Emotion but End with Logic!-how to think more logicalBegan with Emotion but End with Logic!-how to think more logical

There are so many facts out there they can get you started with taking care of your natural hair. Have fun looking through some tips of others and trying them out for yourself. Everyone’s tips will not work for everyone’s head but that is okay, we are all made different. But that is no reason to give up trying to find the perfect fit for your hair. This is no different than makeup or diets. For some reason when it comes to the top of the head many of us get way too emotional and ready to give up. The journey is supposed to be self-loving and self-learning.


Keep the emotions to your hairstyles. Yes, this is where our hairstyles should come into play. For African American women hairstyles say a lot about a person. Our moods shine through our hairstyles. Her hair says she is happy, tired, simple or complicated. So go ahead… Begin with Emotion but End with Logic!!


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