Breaking Up Buildup

Who wants to deal with buildup? There are products that can cause too much buildup. Then there are products that promise no buildup at all. Whether it is from product overuse or natural causes this can really ruin your hair if not taken care of. Breaking up buildup is the key to a healthy head of hair.

My husband always seems to keep the perfect scalp and set of dreadlocks. He never dealt with dandruff and buildup in all the years we have been together. Then all of a sudden out of nowhere he began having dandruff issues. It began to worsen. So we got to work in bringing his healthy scalp back!


Buildup On Your ScalpBreaking Up Buildup


A clean healthy scalp creates clean healthy hair. Remember everything has a source that can make or break it. If your hair is unhealthy your scalp could be the root of the problem. Product buildup is one of the main reasons your hair seems to be dulling out. My husband never thought twice about the health of his scalp until he began to see an alarming rate of dandruff. This is how most people live their life. In the health world, we should really make sure we are being proactive instead of reactive. 


Just like you do for the rest of the skin on your body, you should keep your scalp clean and moisturized. If you don’t take the time to take care of your scalp too many natural oils or dead skin cells can build up and cause a massive amount of dandruff, and terrible skin conditions to your head.  Sebum is a natural oil you produce that helps clean your scalp and hair. It keeps it moisturized

Yet,  overproducing oils in your head can bring a growing yeast called Malassezia. Malassezia will bring damaging dandruff to your head of hair. This oil on top of sweat makes a very greasy scalp. Then, there is the cycle of our skin naturally dying and replacing itself constantly. When your skin dies and doesn’t fall off it is just building skin on top of the skin and becomes a build-up travesty. 


Learn to Exfoliate and Cleanse


I found out the hard way that though I washed my husband’s hair thoroughly, shampoo alone won’t remove the buildup fully from your scalp. With products hardening on your scalp over and over, like gel, wax, and ect, you will have to put in more work to melt the buildup away. A scrub and rinse and an ACV cleanse is my go-to, to get the job done. You can check out my ACV blog here but for now, let’s speak about exfoliating your scalp. 

A lot of people wash their hair without thinking of their scalp even once. If you take the notion that if the root is healthy then everything else will follow, you will have a better process of washing your hair. Your scalp should always be your focus not only when washing, but exfoliating as well. 



  1. Use an exfoliating brush to massage scalp- Try not to massage too hard. Be gentle as not to irritate your scalp any further
  2. Rinse your hair and massage your scalp with your fingertips to remove the excess buildup you massaged loose with your exfoliating brush – It is best to even rinse your hair on days you don’t wash with shampoo. Sometime just water will do
  3. Once dry make you a great moisturizing cream. I love Shea butter and lemongrass oil mixture myself. Studies show that lemongrass oil does wonder to treating dandruff. 


Remember to always be proactive instead of reactive. Do not wait for a problem to start, and don’t think that you could never be the one dealing with a buildup or dandruff problem. Like with my husband, it could be just a matter of time. Understand that too much product use is one of the top causes for buildup, so use products sparingly. Find a routine that is best for your hair to stay moisturized, detangled, and healthy. 

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