Built to cry.

Spiritually we hold the title of watchers, seers, and discerners. Scientifically tears clear up our vision. Dried up tears on our face displayed as war paint signifies we’ve become a little tougher than the day before. Afterward, our body begins to accept the refining process that our spirit understands and welcomes. Screaming out built to last, as we anxiously strive to be better today for a fulfilled tomorrow. Let’s try not to concern ourselves of the past but remember we are built for this.

we are built for this

Built to feel.

 Emotionally we connect with others as we bring clarity through touch. Though the term “emotions” existed later in the English language, our existence waited patiently to be felt. Even if scientists have yet to describe emotions firmly, our build defines us. We become balanced within when we resist the urges and fight the feelings that try to overcome the better us inside ourselves. This action betters us in every area needed. Who else understands the sentiment of a breaking and shattering of its being? Then, piece by piece repaired back bolder and stronger.

we are built for this


Built to birth.

The pain in childbearing we may endure means nothing because we know we are made to give birth. We wait patiently for someone to gift us a seed. Whether a child or it being an idea ready for planting, nothing stops us from being able to nourish that seed into something great. We do not desire to bury but build up all the things we have helped birth. By nature we cultivate. Plant it in us and we will water, nourish, and produce a world of great things.


Pain or Pressure?

When we cry we release endorphins that help relieve us of pain, whether physical or emotional. No one should see tears as a weakness but one of the many mechanisms of the body that helps bring healing in a variety of situations.


Several people will say women are emotional and men are logical. To some extent, we need to realize that women use their senses of thought to assist in several devastating situations. With senses of thought, we can tell by a tone, looks, words used, and body language, what a person may be thinking. Our emotions in itself help us to do this. By caring about other’s feelings we take the time to look at all the details to be able to bond with a person. Knowing all this about pain, we should also know, we shouldn’t use pressure and pain interchangeably.


When we think of the word labor many work-related jobs come to mind. We rarely think of a woman in the hospital ready to push out a baby. So when we think of giving birth to something our mind shouldn’t just be focused on a precious new angel seeing the world for the first time. With our creativeness, we produce and multiply a variety of things.


Our body can endure the pain with some help through the tears, emotions, and joy of watching what we give birth to. Don’t confuse pain with pressure. We should not try and endure pressure on a daily basis. Pressure needs lifting. The one we endure the pain for should lift. Yes, we all know the saying that pressure forms diamonds. Never forget, that too much pressure on a diamond shatters it. We must remember that in order for the coal to transform, the code in its build determined it couldn’t withstand pressure.  Stop trying to come out on top of the pressure. The pressure shows us who we really are. We were built to endure through the pain so when we come face to face with the pressure we come out shining. 

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