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Aging Hair

Attributes of Aging Hair According to Medline Plus, there lay two attributes of aging hair. The color change represents one attribute. The pigmentation melanin on each hair shaft shows before it begins to turn gray. As a person ages, melanin decreases giving way to silver strands. This process can also occur at very young ages. What you inherit generationally canContinue Reading

Field Negros

What specifically accounts as the professional look? To many, it is common sense. But who “common” did we settle for. We hate for it to be true, but the world conditioned us to live by rules set by the oppressor. Don’t look this way. Don’t speak that way! Since we don’t want to grumble about every little piece the world throwsContinue Reading

Just Not in Our Hair

There have been several incidents where black women’s hair is longed to be touched or has been touched without our permission. Through many articles and movies, it has been explained an enormous amount of times why stranges should not reach out and touch our hair. Our unwillingness to have different types of hands in our hair doesn’t stop at strangers.Continue Reading

Hair Shedding

I will never stop pointing out how black women and art live simultaneously. Our physical, spiritual, and mental movements paint stories that will survive the ends of time. It is no wonder why many discuss and question every aspect of our being. Our hair falls under no exception. Can I touch it? Is it yours? Does it grow? Yet evenContinue Reading