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Part I I remember a time in my life where I did not read product ingredients. Various reasons can cause someone to pick up products to purchase and use without considering its ingredients. Could it be the brand name? Could it be beautiful packaging? How about a great sale price? It could be any or all of these reasons. ForContinue Reading

Due to the below challenges, I embarked on a journey to learn and create a new and better deodorant.  I desired to make a better product not only for myself but also for the family and friends around me that needed an effective deodorant According to www.smithsonian.com, deodorant hit the market around 1888. Prior to 1888, people used herbs, perfumes,Continue Reading


Pain is Strength Coming to understand what pain really is resulted from many years of personal experiences with pain.  Merriam-Webster defines pain as an acute mental or emotional distress or suffering or grief. Pain in the Strong’s Concordance #6093 states that pain stands for itstsabon (its-tsaw-bone’) meaning pain, toil, and labor. What do you usually get after labor (work)? Usually,Continue Reading