Little Girls Hair Problems (Page 2)

Sleeping Beautiful: Hair Beauty Sleeping Tips to Pass to your Daughter-toddler sleeping beauty

My hair hasn’t been always boldly locked. There has been a time when I would go to bed dreading waking to the unknown. I rarely had a clue what I would be doing with my hair for school the next morning. Never would I have imagined that the sleep the night before could be a blessing for the day afterContinue Reading

Barrettes, Bows, and Beads-small hair accessories

A visit to my cousin’s house, brought back rushes of memories as she pulled out a tub full of little girl hair accessories. She accumulated these accessories personally for her niece. Taken aback because I didn’t know people still loved the hair bows, barrettes, and beads. I couldn’t help but reminisce. The colors of all the assorted pieces drew meContinue Reading

Top 3 Ways to Bring a Positive Spotlight to Your Little Girl's Hair-kids tangled hair

Self-knowledge needs to start young. You need this to instill in a child a firm belief that they mean something in this world. Although we live in the beautiful age of us accepting our natural hair we should do more to effectively make sure that this does not become a quaint fad. To accomplish this, we need to mentally embedContinue Reading