Monologues Affirmations & Poetry (Page 2)

Built to cry. Spiritually we hold the title of watchers, seers, and discerners. Scientifically tears clear up our vision. Dried up tears on our face displayed as war paint signifies we’ve become a little tougher than the day before. Afterward, our body begins to accept the refining process that our spirit understands and welcomes. Screaming out built to last, asContinue Reading

golden-tree-uprooted-roots-poetry anthology

Poem By Boldlyloc’d Truth’s image becomes comical when handled by man. Slaves now called workers and the sweet honey taste of manna now said to taste bland. Pulled up from what securely felt like an end that began diverse. Grounded, not bound, but steady and firm in an understanding of how to love yourself first. Bothered because it’s clear ourContinue Reading