Monologues Affirmations & Poetry (Page 3)

white-blank-paper-opposite-of-your-essence-poetry anthology

A Monologue by BoldlyLoc’d Can you relate to staring at a blank sheet of paper? Whether on the laptop screen or just plain old fashion paper, the brightness becomes painfully piercing as you stare at something so empty and bland. Your essence anxious to fill it with life.    No excitement of colors or black boldness to give it aContinue Reading

in front of you is peace-poetry anthology

Poem by BoldlyLoc’d Don’t let it take a hold of you and snatch the gift of peace. This thing wants to pull you down. Lowered into the deep beyond anything of reach. Underneath a blanket of unsafety. It whispers come to a lower point with me. Just as you give in, up it rises to leave you all alone. You giveContinue Reading