Self-Knowledge (Page 2)

Our Flaw

Sometimes our flaw is that we forget. Or life gets so smoothe we eventually trip. Discernment and consciousness we put aside. Eventually falling because we can’t find our grip. Then, there are times our compassion doesn’t exist. Just judgment and ridicule of others while we live in bliss. Confident we can live in other’s shoes without taking the risks. ButContinue Reading

Hair Shedding

I will never stop pointing out how black women and art live simultaneously. Our physical, spiritual, and mental movements paint stories that will survive the ends of time. It is no wonder why many discuss and question every aspect of our being. Our hair falls under no exception. Can I touch it? Is it yours? Does it grow? Yet evenContinue Reading

Bald: Societies Perception About Beauty

Alopecia Awareness Month starts in the month of September. One type of alopecia spoken of throughout the African American community is traction alopecia. This alopecia develops because of a variety of hairstyles that can damage the hair follicles and cause a great amount of hair loss. Baldness, as a whole, never been a prideful way for a woman to rockContinue Reading