what causes bumps on scalp

The culture of our ancestors has volumes of depth and life. We’ve lost a lot as those before us strived to retained the little we still were able to hold on to. From our motherland to a land that snatched away our freedom; We have come to understand the haves and the have nots. From a solid home to a hollow house; We are mentally, emotionally, and physically scattered. As women, we have played many roles in our family due to a system formed against us. We have veered from our path and have lost our sense of power. Now many of us are gone from feelings of superiority to being filled with scabs.




In ancient times, marital and social status could be seen by the styling of your hair. This has not gotten lost with us as black women of America. Many of us have said or heard someone say that a woman’s hair should stay done if she has a man taking care of her. There will be words said if a woman had a man and she was always seen with her hair never “kept.” Even with our social status in America’s we have hair-dos in our community that is labeled as ghetto or professional. Some may feel we are conforming to something that is not our culture when we look at certain hair-dos in different lights, but if you really look back into time we will notice that hair was very important to our social status.




Hair has always been viewed as divine. It sits on the highest part of your body, so for many of old, it is the part of you that is closest to the creator.  Whether divinely or just making a social statement we can no longer ignore the communication of the hair. Science shows the hair plexus works with the hair follicles to communicate with the brain. Now, still, our hair continues to communicate with us. There was a survey a few years back that said African American women are prone to hair loss. There are several infections that strike the African American woman’s head, which is hidden by weaves and wigs. Why is hair loss becoming a problem with us?  As our ancestor’s unboarded slave ships, they were given a new language, new names, new religion. What did they gain? Trauma, uncertainty, and a sense of loss.

From Feelings of Superiority To Being Filled with Scabs-what causes bumps on scalp



We have spurts in our time here in America where our pride and self-love began to peek its little head. Yet and still many of us have not passed down the importance our hair was to us in our culture. Elaborate hairstyles represented wealth in parts of African and now we are just a nation who lives inferior in America as our “wealth” is thrown into elaborate hairstyles.


Before our strong black women were forced to wear the many hats that didn’t belong to us, we had our own important jobs. And though we are built to endure there are things we have not quite healed from. The sores, scabs, and baldness plagued in many of our heads represent the disconnect of who we once were. We need more conversations on the infections that strike our heads, so we can get down to the root of the problem as a whole.




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  1. The pics are gorgeous! I’m thankful we are now being able to talk about and embrace our natural beauty.

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