african woman art essi essisings
african woman art essi essisings
The photo is of a talented artist Essi. @essisingsmusic

Why Gold?


In my blog Black: My logo the African Woman part 1 I explained why the color black was chosen. Representing a people that are powerful, although our strength may be forgotten, black was always my first choice. Black represents a people that stands bold, proud, outspoken, and strong.


Placing gold with black reminds us to never forget our worth. The quote, “everything that glitters isn’t gold” does not speak of you because everything we touch turns golden. Our approach to life stays under a microscope and everyone wants a piece without paying the price we paid. I couldn’t possibly find another color that I could put up against the color black even if I tried. Black and gold speak our story efficiently.


Your Worth


Gold, known as a precious metal shines so brightly. This natural element is very rare. This metal is used for many things from electronics to medicine. When I think of gold I think of our people that has a land filled with riches but has no part of it. It is not far from building a country that neither wants you there or hasn’t paid you back for the work done.


Gold has been stolen from Africa for years. In a new article, it is said that billions of dollars are stolen from Africa yearly! How do people move ahead properly when they are constantly stripped of their worth? I love my people because although there is much formed against us, we are not completely destroyed. We find our breath when the air is thin, our strength in weakened bones, and our pride as our true history is retained.


The world gives you so much pain and here you are making gold of it. There is nothing purer then that.

                                                                                                                                             Rupi Kaur


As black women, our versatility never ceases to amaze me. It takes a lot to stretch us thin. Just as gold we are ductile. Pliable, and able to stretch 5 miles long without losing our toughness.


Gold Standard


My logo the African woman is my standard. It is one of a kind representing my people who are one of a kind. Many try to copy. But none can match our natural selves. Other metals can turn into a yellowish color but gold is the only metal that is naturally yellow. It seems that we are only seen as malleable and our perseverance is never considered. Yet, we need no one else’s approval. Like gold, we stand on our own. My logo the African woman stands on its own.

BoldlyLoc'd-boldly-locd-african woman art



  1. Hi there(:
    I am the black girl in that picture! I am a singer, model, songwriter, and producer. I would appreciate if you would give me artist credit. I am an artist who needs exposure to flourish, I promise I don’t want money! Check me out on my website I also have Insta: @essisingsmusic
    Thanks! Hope all is well.

    1. Author

      I definitely will do so!

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