Aging Hair

Attributes of Aging Hair

According to Medline Plus, there lay two attributes of aging hair. The color change represents one attribute. The pigmentation melanin on each hair shaft shows before it begins to turn gray. As a person ages, melanin decreases giving way to silver strands. This process can also occur at very young ages. What you inherit generationally can factor in how soon one’s hair will turn gray. The graying always begins at the shaft of the hair strand and work its way to the end of the strand. A common location of the graying process generally starts around the temple of the head.

The thickness of the hair attributes to the second indication of aging hair. The life span of a hair strand is 2 to 7 years with the regeneration of that hair strand with a new one. Hair is made up of protein so when this important nutrient decrease with age, it causes thick hair to become fine. Aging hair becomes sparse and the growth process tends to slow down. In my experience with caring for my mother’s hair, the issue of shedding doubles. Her hair stays soft, but her scalp stays dry with thinned out areas around the hairline. Yet, with consistent care of providing her in what she uniquely needed, shedding decreased considerably with a clean and healthy scalp.

Keep in mind that everyone’s hair sheds.  The hair regeneration cycle includes shedding. Just be aware that handfuls of hair in your comb daily may be a sign of a deeper issue at hand. These two attributes only touch on basic characteristics of aging hair. Many factors can come into play such as one’s overall health status which can cause any of the changes that were mentioned previously but for the purpose of this writing, we will focus on the aging factor.

Caring for Aging Hair

Caring for aging hair may seem daunting but with research and understanding, you can obtain aged healthy hair. Several factors can prevent an older person from independently caring for their hair such as certain health conditions that cause pain in various parts of the body. The inability to stand or lean backward or forward can cause problems with independent hair care so having someone that can assist can help out a lot. To effectively care for aging hair you don’t need to spend a lot of money.

Some tips for caring for aged hair

  1. buy a great moisturizing shampoo (sulfate and paraben-free) Sulfates and parabens could make your hair dry with a negative effect not only on the hair but on overall health as well. Many products also contain alcohol which drys the hair. To avoid this ingredient too. It is important to learn your hair needs, study on good products to use and read labels. I cannot stress the last part enough! Read the label. Always know what you are putting on your hair and know its benefits as well.
  2. A great conditioner should always follow a shampooing. (Some shampoos proport that it doubles as a conditioner but generally it is not enough conditioning power to be effectual for aging hair.) I suggest using a separate hair conditioner. When looking for a great conditioner, keep in mind the same techniques used to find a great shampoo by reading the labels before buying any product. For those who like DYI (do it yourself) projects along with purchasing items that are multi-use, try buying a bottle of liquid castile soap and placing some drops of your favorite essential oil inside of it and use as a shampoo. Castile soap is non-toxic, gentle, and hydrating just to name a few benefits.

Another tip for conditioning you can find in your local grocery store such as avocado, olive oil, coconut oil honey, and so forth. Ensure that a good amount of daily nutrition stay a part of your intake, drink adequate amounts of water and avoid harsh chemical processes such as perms, unnecessary heat, hair dyes that contain chemicals. If an ingredient in hair care products is used also in paint, drain openers, and the like then it surely should not touch your hair.

Gray Beauty

Beauty is truly subjective. It is all about how you view yourself. There is the fad of younger people intentionally dying their hair gray wearing the gray locks as a fashion statement. It is one thing to wear a temporary gray hair color. But having to deal with the real-life change to gray sits differently on many. There is a song by India Arie.  I Am Not My Hair. With the world respecting youth over being aged, some rush to dye the gray strands immediately. Everyone has different reasons for this. For those that feel unattractive because of your aging hair, just delve into some of these suggestions. You may feel differently. You may start rocking your pride and glory just as is.

Allowing your mane to become full-on gray is a matter of feeling completely secure within. See your silver mane as a badge of life being lived. Your hair does not make you; you make your hair. You’re a whole beautiful being underneath that hair. Make whatever you have work for you and wear it fabulously.

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