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Yes, shampoo is extremely important when it comes to washing your hair. With all the sweat, excess oil, and product build-up your hair follicles could be damaged if it is not managed.  Yet, washing can leave you with unmanageable and dry hair. This is where hair conditioners come in. The feel and appearance you are looking for in your hair can boil down to your hair conditioner. 


Manageability Hair Conditioner


Conditioners help the comb and brush run through our curly hair much easier. African Americans hair follicles coils and because of this, it is easier for hair breakage. The best way to assure less breakage when you comb and brush your hair is to first apply your preferred hair conditioner. This way the conditioner can smooth and help start detangling before your comb or brush ever touches your hair. Using a dry conditioner also helps with manageability. The conditioner will help coat the damaged areas of your hair that then helps manage your split ends throughout the day. 




As stated before, too much washing can dry out your hair. Conditioner is one agent that brings back moister to your hair that the washing stripped away. When you are in search of conditioner, you should look for something that moisturizes without weighing down your hair. Most people condition their hair post shampoo in order to be successful in the moisture they are looking for. Others have a two in one where your shampoo and conditioner are all-inclusive and no need to rinse out separately. Let us not forget that you also can leave your conditioner in, with a leave-in conditioner, getting rid of the rinse altogether. Whichever way you cut it, the outcome is supposed to be the same. The conditioner should hydrate, nourish, and protect your hair. 

Hair Conditioner



Not only does it help your hair to not be brittle and break, but it brings a great look to it. Finding the right conditioner is key. If you make your own conditioners you should choose the oils based on the moisturizing and shine benefits. Hair Conditioner


Jojoba oil is great to use in your conditioner because it helps clean the hair follicles. The oil brings beauty back to your hair with its shine. Jojoba oil can also be left in your hair overnight so it is ideal for a leave-in conditioner.

Pumpkin seed oil is another that is great for the vibrancy of your hair. Place pumpkin seed oil in your conditioner to bring balance to your hair. This oil also controls the natural oils your hair follicles give off, like Sebum, and make sure that the oils don’t become excessive. 

Mango butter coats and protects your hair follicles. This butter provides great shine and moisture to your hair as well. It is similar to our lovely shea butter but much much lighter.


I hope you understand hair conditioners a little better than you did before! Conditioner is used to assist and not harm. Make sure when you are applying your conditioner that you dry your hair thoroughly. Allow your hair to take in all the conditioner moisture and benefits. Everyone’s hair is different. There may be many trials runs before you find what works with your hair. Don’t get discouraged. Soon your hair will be smoothed, moisturized, and full of shine!




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