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Scalp treatments rarely come up in discussion when promoting healthy hair, but it should be the foundation of the conversation. Your scalp is a very important factor when it comes to the health of your hair. It may be hidden under all that hair on your head, but it shouldn’t be forgotten. If you treat your scalp like a stepchild, or the black sheep of the family, in the long run, all you will get out of it is damage! 


Don’t Just Exfoliate

Exfoliation is the removal of dull and dead skin cell and it is very important when it comes to getting your skin to react in a youthful way. When it comes to your face, it’s obvious that you shouldn’t just exfoliate it and then go about your day. After exfoliation, the skin needs to be immensely moisturized or it can create harm as it becomes dried out. This is the same way for your scalp. After using a teasing brush, or a tool like it to loosen up all of the dead tissue, and then exfoliating your scalp, no matter how good and clean it feels you can potentially cause more harm if you do nothing afterward. You need a moisturizing process. Preferably a deep conditioning product that can feed your scalp all the nutrients it needs. 


If your scalp is dry your hair will break off. You can read my article on dandruff, but know that dandruff and dry scalp are two separate problems. The dry scalp does not appear due to excess oil as dandruff does. Your hair stays exposed to different environmental changes or constant product changes, this makes dry scalp inevitable. Different weather conditions can cause your skin to become dehydrated. Once your skin is dehydrated you start to see flaky skin appear. This happens to our skin all over. Most of us use lotions on other parts of our skin, but what are you using for your scalp when the occurrence is happening under your hair?

Conditioning Pomade: A Good Regimen for your Scalp Treatments


Beyond Bolds, Conditioning Pomades tackles the problems of dry scalp. Each pomade has its own butter and oils that promote trapping moisture to the hair and scalp. The pomade conditioning properties also fight itchy and flaky skin. As the scalp becomes healthy so does your hair. Using the wrong products and/or products that are full of harmful chemicals can cause your hair and scalp to completely dry out. Beyond Bold’s Pomades are an all-natural hair care pomades that avoid you ending up with a harmful chemical mess in your hair. 


Remember to shop for what is best for your hair. Find free gifts, discounts and more at Beyond Bold’s ALL Natural Hair Care Product Line! Do not take dry scalp lightly. Dry scalp can lead to hair breakage and hair thinning. In every situation of life, you should always make sure that you take care of the root of the problem. This also includes the health of your hair, and the root of your hair is your scalp!

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