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I will not deny my indulgence in the classic Disney movies of old. From Beauty and the Beast to Cinderella, I could not stop watching. Although, I can’t get in the groove with the new Disney movies that now hit the scenes I will admit my heart still finds room for times past.


A lot of us can reenact all the movies we grew up on and even give you a moral to its story. Yet, I guarantee our whimsical mind missed several details of most.


Whether you were the one that said Magic Mirror, or like me, said Mirror Mirror, our story only went as far as an old mean witch that became upset that a young white girl was more fairer than her.


Mirror Mirror On the Wall

hanging mirror


The Queen wanted to know who was the fairest of them all. Any time I heard the word fair I never thought it could be me, and rightfully so. If you look up the definition of fair you get the meaning, blond and light.  Fair, in my eyes,  was a term that meant beautiful but also was accompanied by a skin tone. The same way I thought nude was this beige looking color, and never realize that logically that just wouldn’t make sense up against my melanin.


All of us have stories close to or similar to these above. And because of this, we should all be the Mirror on the wall for our little queens. Be the mirror that she doesn’t have to approach but who always approaches her with how gorgeous she looks. Speaking words of affirmation should be a daily routine with your daughters not only to pour into your daughter about her Beauty but to show her queens have no quarrelsome in complementing other queens.


A Princess at Youth

hanging mirror


There was one missed detailed of the storyline that never struck me before. The background of the story is this. There was a wicked witch who always asked her magic mirror who was the fairest of them all. The answer was always her UNTIL Snow White turned the age of 7. This amazed me and had me do a little research. I found that girls starting puberty averages at the age of 11 years old, but the earliest they have noticed is the age of seven. An article stated research showed that 10.4 % white girls at the age of 7 were developing breast and an amazing 23.4 % black girls were.


In understanding this I realized around Snow Whites age, our daughters should begin to be taught self-awareness, self-respect, self-love, and self-pride. If we are not watching our daughters and protecting her essence, we should rest assured others are watching and could be armed and ready to harm it. There are many things in the world that our kids will have to face eventually. But questioning their natural beauty should not be one of them. Be the Mirror on the wall that helps her to see her melanin and kinks for what they truly are. Divine Beauty.


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