My First ACV Cleanse

A wash-and-rinse is great! But what happens when a wash-and-rinse isn’t enough? Sometimes you have to cut your water with some acidity. This is where ACV comes in. My first ACV Cleanse was the type of experience I needed. 

ACV stands for apple cider vinegar water. Apple cider vinegar is where the yeast changes the sugar from apples into alcohol. Then a bacteria called acetobacter takes that alcohol and changes it into acetic acid. When acetic acid is diluted with water it becomes a great flavorer, but it does much more. 

Acetic is an antibiotic that treats infections and used also for cleansing. Acetic acid breaks down grease and buildup, so it is no surprise that it is used by so many to break down the build-up in their hair. 

My First ACV Cleanse

Removing Residue From Hair With My First ACV Cleanse


  1. Fill a large bowl or sink with very hot water. (To get the heat I want I take a teapot and heat up water as well as run hot water in my deep sink.)
  2. Pour in baking soda. (Baking soda also naturally removes buildup.  I prefer a cup of baking soda in my sink because I have a very large sink. You should measure it according to how much water you have.)
  3. Add juice from ½ a lemon.
  4. Pour in ACV. (Pour for the amount of acidity you are looking for. Due to hard build up on my dreadlocks I prefer two cups of ACV in my large sink full of water.)
  5. Mix water around in your bowl or sink until everything mixing up well. 
  6. Lean back in your chair into your hair soaks fully in the water. (DO NOT LET WATER TOUCH YOUR SCALP IF WATER IS TOO HOT. WAIT UNTIL IT COOLS ENOUGH FOR YOU)
  7. Massage through hair and scalp. (If you can’t massage your hair and scalp have someone else massage the rinse all through your hair and scalp.  Apple Cider Vinegar is said to help close your hair cuticles and bring them back to their optimum health.) 
  8. Let sit. (Many let their hair soak for as little as two minutes to as much as thirty minutes. I prefer thirty minutes because of the hardening of products on my dreadlocks.)
  9. Rinse thoroughly 
  10. Shampoo afterward
  11. Moisturize. (With your preferred moisturizer.)


The ACV cleanse will clean all of the old product residues out of your hair and scalp. This is a great cleanse. Residue can break your hair as it weighs down on your newly weak hair follicles and clogs up your pores to stop its growth. Buildup and dandruff have been a cause of many people’s hair thinning and balding. Without much research on apple cider vinegar and it’s direct use for hair, it is something you will have to do for yourself to see if it works for you. Everyone’s hair is different. I’ve had experience with using the rinse for dreadlocks and witnessing the buildup just melt away. The research out there shows ACV helps kill bacteria, so the hope of healing the scalp brought me to my first ACV cleanse! ACV takes away the dullness buildup brings and gives back your hair’s healthy shine. 



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