I wrote to you before about the roles that hair plays in many different cultures. No matter how much I dig there are still things that I uncover about our crown that inspire another writing. Just like this blog here. See, one Sunday I interviewed a family member for my family. She rushed to go get her wig when she realized she would be on camera and as she turned I saw a nice size ball spot at the top of her head. It took me by surprise because earlier in the year I made it my business to find out where our generational balding had come from in our family and no one ever mentioned she suffered from it as well. The second surprise came when she made a comment, “my hair is making me sick.” Something her mother had told her before she cut her waistlong hair. 


My Hair is Making Me Sickmy hair is making me sick

 We don’t know a name for it in our family, because we never went to a professional to examine it. We assumed most of our women suffer from a type of Alopecia that continues to pass down genetically. Before beginning the process of reversing my own fate, mine began in college. My sister around the same time and my mom said hers began after high school. All in the same area. All seemed irreversible. I began digging and found others in our family with the same pattern baldness. None of us took the issue to a professional. As my husband and I began to make our own hair products I began to look more into the condition. I found many causes and treatment studies of all types of baldness and studied extensively before I wrote my e-book. Still, nothing prepared me with my great aunt’s statement. My hair is making me sick!

I never asked my great grandmother the reason why she said to never cut your hair. I just remembered her insisting a woman’s hair represents her crown and glory. In the past cutting hair was not very common. Cutting of the hair always stood side by side to something negative, powerless, and degrading. After my great grandmother passed I do remember the older men in my family getting really upset when their wives would cut their long hair. To me, I assumed the men felt longer hair equaled beauty. I’m pretty sure some fo that was the reason, though I have to admit I never asked.

If anyone is familiar with Yogi Bhajan, he teaches that, on a spiritual level, nothing good comes from cutting your hair. Your hair kept you calm, kept you intuitive, and gave you great strength. This made me wonder. If your hair can do all of this, can it also do the opposite? Can your hair make you sick?


What Does Studies Say?my hair is making me sick

There have been studies that showed that long hair can get you sicker then if you had shorter hair. The research concluded that with longer hair your body is touching way more germs then if you didn’t have it. Women are more likely to have their hair touching more surface areas then we realize. Not only are you touching things and touching your hair but your hair is rubbing up against different materials throughout the day. We may think that because we diligently wash our hands that we are okay but usually we touch our hair on a consistent basis. Most of us use antibacterial soap to wash our hands but not all use anti-bacterial shampoo for their hair. Staph Aureus Bacteria alone can last to three hours in your hair! Other bacteria that can stick to your hair shaft is E. coli and P. aeruginosa. 

I don’t know if by saying her hair was making her sick, my great aunt understood what studies are showing today. Was she only speaking of the bacteria that is caught in her hair? Or did she mean something deeper? Each part of our body has a job to do and a reason it is there. Our parts play off each other to help each individual part survive as a whole. Several cultures speak of how great our hair is and the energy it holds. Energy has two forms. Negative and Positive. What if it wasn’t just the bacteria clinging to my aunt’s hair that she was speaking of? What if she was trying to explain the imbalance her hair was putting off? Negative energy transmitting from her hair, that was making her sick!


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