Our Flaw

Sometimes our flaw is that we forget.

Or life gets so smoothe we eventually trip.

Discernment and consciousness we put aside.

Eventually falling because we can’t find our grip.

Then, there are times our compassion doesn’t exist.

Just judgment and ridicule of others while we live in bliss.

Confident we can live in other’s shoes without taking the risks.

But what if? What if? What if?

I miss my brother, who it seems, I always had.

I miss my father who really is my sibling’s dad.

Though their near their still far because of life’s speed.

Time is to a family, like seasons to a nomade.

Finally, I miss what our ancestors did their best to create.

I’m upset our flaw of forgetfulness has gotten us unable to relate-

to a home, we’re taking from where we were made great.

So I continue to create my own destiny the stars isn’t the final say so in my fate. My fate. My fate.


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