It really isn’t a case of who had it first. Appropriation seems to be a heated topic for those who appropriate. Yes, culture clashes in many areas, but we can’t pass the moments it is stolen. The so-called black people in America began to unravel and uncover where we started and continue to find things we never quite imagined. NotContinue Reading

Young and Graying

The fashion of young women and graying their hair has not pulled me in a direction of awe or dismay. Being in elementary with gray strands emerging has been a norm for me and not such a  big deal. As I got older and my strands multiplied I began to become proud of my silvering. Most older women, cringe atContinue Reading

  I wrote to you before about the roles that hair plays in many different cultures. No matter how much I dig there are still things that I uncover about our crown that inspire another writing. Just like this blog here. See, one Sunday I interviewed a family member for my family. She rushed to go get her wig whenContinue Reading

Part I I remember a time in my life where I did not read product ingredients. Various reasons can cause someone to pick up products to purchase and use without considering its ingredients. Could it be the brand name? Could it be beautiful packaging? How about a great sale price? It could be any or all of these reasons. ForContinue Reading