Breaking Up Buildup

Who wants to deal with buildup? There are products that can cause too much buildup. Then there are products that promise no buildup at all. Whether it is from product overuse or natural causes this can really ruin your hair if not taken care of. Breaking up buildup is the key to a healthy head of hair. My husband alwaysContinue Reading

My First ACV Cleanse

A wash-and-rinse is great! But what happens when a wash-and-rinse isn’t enough? Sometimes you have to cut your water with some acidity. This is where ACV comes in. My first ACV Cleanse was the type of experience I needed.  ACV stands for apple cider vinegar water. Apple cider vinegar is where the yeast changes the sugar from apples into alcohol.Continue Reading

Undeveloped and Uncivilized

They want us to forget that millions of our ancestors claimed a homeland. The motherland. Then placed in chains, forced to undergo chattel slavery. They don’t want us to remember that no one else can speak of a taintedness like this. A forced migration. They ask, why do we still bring up the past. Yet presently our outward appearance stillContinue Reading

Aging Hair

Attributes of Aging Hair According to Medline Plus, there lay two attributes of aging hair. The color change represents one attribute. The pigmentation melanin on each hair shaft shows before it begins to turn gray. As a person ages, melanin decreases giving way to silver strands. This process can also occur at very young ages. What you inherit generationally canContinue Reading