pour into the seeds-self help motivational

Being a receiver is the nature of a woman. Because of this, we can sometimes be misunderstood. Being a receiver can dubb us as selfish, needy, and naggers. In reality, here lies our gift. The problem only comes to exist when we don’t practice in that gift correctly. Then, our ability to pour into the seeds become unappreciated.


How do we not practice in our gift correctly?


We should understand that once we receive something we shouldn’t let it end there. Receiving to keep hold should not be our purpose, but to receive to give back. Yet, doing this may seem hard for those who feel they may not have much. When you don’t know when the next time someone will give you something you begin to set yourself in a hold on to what little you have, mode. To push yourself into understanding your own being fully you must realize you have much more than what’s seen with the naked eye. When you put back in practice receiving to give you find that it becomes natural because it is natural.



As a mother soon as we receive a seed our body pours into them all the nutrients they need leaving us with little for ourselves. We are built for this! Once life passes the matrix and successfully makes it out to the world we pour in lessons, love, and laughter. By nature, we understand the process of receiving to give because we know that, although given a child to pour into, we will soon need to give it to the world to live out what we poured in.

pour into the seeds-self help motivational


As a wife, we tend to the garden. Our husband not only gives us the seed of a child but also his seed of ideas. Some men hold many goals that need to be hound in, and some need your help to get it pulled out. Regardless, once he gives you the seed of his plans, goals, and dreams your role becomes the most important. What you receive needs to now be nurtured.

Women can see far ahead, and because of this, we can direct the journey. Yes, men protect us but protection goes both ways. Women protect from what can’t be seen ahead by our men. Notice the many details that we can focus on at once in our own garden. The weather, the soil, and the antagonist. Have you ever wondered how you could cook, run business numbers while running the kid’s bathwater and checking homework? By nature, our mind can focus on the important things while nurturing others.

A man’s strength builds with a strong woman because a strong woman pours into his empty parts. When a man focuses straight ahead we watch the sides and his back. Happily receive his dreams he gives you and pour into his dreams until they come into fruition. His dreams, solid and sound, may just need a woman to touch on the missing details. Let us nurture it.


As a sister, it’s harder for some to see the cycle at work. How can two receivers be of help to each other? You ever wonder why many women say they have better friends in men then they do with women? Many believe women gossip too much and backstab. I bet if you take the time you will realize that men gossip just as much and behave equally at backstabbing. In reality, two receivers seem to not need each other. But this is only true when we do not practice correctly in our gift.

We may not give our dreams and plans out verbally to other women, but we do so subconsciously. As sisters, we need to receive our sister’s seed in a nonverbal way. We possess the gift to know when our sisters start to give off signals of being in need of an ear, shoulder to cry on or sound advice. Once we receive that signal we should pour all her needs into her. Support each other because although we receive by nature, being a receiver automatically makes you a giver if you’re walking in your talent. Like the dark soil across the earth, we can hold as many seeds given. Pour into the seeds. Be a giver.

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