She Doesn't

She doesn’t look to be what others seem to be, you see the rarity in her build.

A consistent wise word on her lips, and no price point on her skill.

She doesn’t attract the wrong energy, she speaks life and not death.

She works through any sweat and pain even when it seems to others that no work is left.

She doesn’t panic but makes quick decisions or slowly decides. She takes the role of a seasonal acquaintance or there for the long haul.

First one up and last one asleep, she learns from each of her falls.

She doesn’t worry too long but thinks about the good things to bring them to existence. Whatever she touches turns to gold.

When it is time to stand she is ten toes down. You will never doubt that she’s bold.

She doesn’t just talk but practices what she preaches. She gives in every which way.

She plans and never fears what is ahead. She makes sure her family stays safe.

She doesn’t brag but she is worthy to talk about and known for all good. Her family just the same.

She faces her king with wisdom on her tongue, in opposition if needed, but never through nagging or complaints.

She doesn’t forget where she started, she teaches from her mistakes as she builds her legacy up strong.

She wants to touch the lives of many but knows it first starts in her home.

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