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My hair hasn’t been always boldly locked. There has been a time when I would go to bed dreading waking to the unknown. I rarely had a clue what I would be doing with my hair for school the next morning. Never would I have imagined that the sleep the night before could be a blessing for the day after with the proper routines in place. Read my hair beauty sleeping tips that can benefit your princess bedtime routine!


Brushing hair before bedtime


It may seem too simple, but brushing your hair before bed can be very effective for helping your hair morning routine run smoother. Brushing creates stimulation to the scalp. Stimulation is necessary for both the hair’s health and growth. With the stimulation that you get, for example, when you massage your scalp, helps the blood flow properly. Without proper blood circulation, your hair cannot reach its healthiest potential.


As I have compared brushing to massaging many have compared brushing to dry shampooing. When you brush your hair you are helping allocate the different oils and moisturizer to parts of your hair that you haven’t reached. Teach your daughter the importance of brushing her hair before bedtime and make sure to pick out the brush that is right for her hair



Hair Wrapping

There are two different wrappings of the hair I would like to speak of. The first wrapping involves you wrapping your actual hair. In high school, I saw how my friends with relaxers would go through their nighttime routine of wrapping their hair. I felt I could never do that with my natural hair but eventually found out that was far from true. Wrapping your actual hair around your head is a great way to keep your hair from being tangled in the morning.


Steps for wrapping your natural hair:

  1. Choose your favorite moisturizer and detangler and massage it through the hair
  2. Detangle your hair with a brush or comb
  3. Choose your favorite leave-in product. (I love Castor oil)
  4. Detangle one last time for good measure
  5. Grab your brush and began to brush your hair around your head until smooth (I preferred clockwise)
  6. Wrap it up with a satin scarf!


The second wrapping I will speak about is what you wrap your hair up with. After you have incorporated brushing in your daughter’s bedtime routine you definitely want to show her how to maintain her hard work.


Explain to her that brushing your hair takes care of any tangles that you may have had and wrapping it makes sure that it stays that way through the tossing and turning at bedtime. Curly and thick hair tangles easier than other types. So a good routine to battle the law of nature is very important.  


Pillow Cases


All tangles don’t just come from tossing and turning, Some knots occur when you have unhealthy cuticles. How do you know if your hair has healthy cuticles or not? Well, healthy cuticles are closed and are very smooth. Friction can cause the cuticles to open and become very damaged!


Believe it or not, your pillow can be a benefactor to that. Well not the pillow per se, but it’s pillowcase! Silk pillowcases are great for keeping your hair healthy and detangled. Cotton gives off more friction on your hair and you don’t need extra friction added on to all the brushing and touching you do daily to your hair. You may not be able to buy silk cases for your little one just yet, but no worries satin can be just as beneficial.

I enjoy doing crafts with my kids and came across a DIY video for making your own satin pillowcases. Take a look at it below.


Let us start our upcoming generation thinking differently about how they treat their hair. Allow beauty sleep to be redefined. Just as important as your skin you should never have to worry about what surprises your hair has in store for you in the morning. Never again lose sleep worrying about your morning hair!


Here are other ways your cuticles can damage:

  • Too much heat
  • Pool Water
  • Hair accessories that are hurtful to the hair
  • Certain styles that put tension on the hair
  • Hair products that strip oil
  • Ocean water
  • Constant use of hair tools


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