The Berry That is Very Good for Your Hair

There are many foods that promote the health of your hair. Avocados definitely make it to that list. Classified as a fruit, Avocado is the berry that is very good for your hair in various ways. 


There are so many ways for our hair to become damaged. We see a lot of damage with overheating and dying our hair. Overheating and dying your hair makes your hair becomes dry, brittle, and in a position to easily break off. This fruit is very good at treating this type of damage by retaining moisture for your hair and conditioning it back to its health. There are many links to hair loss, and deficiency in fatty acids makes the cut. This is where avocados could be of value, seeing that they are a great source for fatty acids. 


Clogged Follicles

Avocados have also been in the discussion to help with the regrowth of hair that has fallen out. Dandruff buildup can cause your hair follicles to clog and the results of this are follicle shrinkage. In most cases, clogged hair follicles began to show visible hair thinning and baldness. Not only does dandruff cause massive itching and flaking but it will also irritate your scalp over time. 


The oxidative stress that breaks down hair follicles may be rectified with vitamin E. Surprisingly avocados have almost a quarter percentage of the vitamin E you need on a daily basis. There is a study that shows those who struggled with hair loss had fewer antioxidants than those who did not have a hair loss issue. The flesh of Avocados has a high carotenoid antioxidant. 

Avocado Mask

If the hair mask is your thing, I recommend an avocado hair mask. Take a bowl and mixing spoon and mix these ingredients below. 

  • 5 tsp Avocado oil or half of the avocado blended
  • 5 tsp Olive oil
  • 2 tsp of honey
  • One egg

The mask should sit on your head no more than ten minutes and then you should rinse it out completely. After the mask is completely rinsed out be sure to shampoo and condition your hair with your preferred shampoo and conditioner. This maks will protect, moisturize, and cleanse your hair.

Regardless if you amp up your mask with essential oils or use other butter, you can’t go wrong with adding avocado to the recipe. Beyond Bold all-natural hair care line, Original Pomade has done just that! Avocado is a part of their ingredients to ensure a healthy shine, and lock in moisture for your hair needs. The Berry That is Very Good for Your Hair is nothing other than the avocado. 


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