in front of you is peace-poetry anthology

Poem by BoldlyLoc’d

Don’t let it take a hold of you and snatch the gift of peace.

This thing wants to pull you down.

Lowered into the deep beyond anything of reach. Underneath a blanket of unsafety. It whispers come to a lower point with me. Just as you give in, up it rises to leave you all alone.

You give too much of yourself. Don’t you feel it? Yes, you give your all, overpaying a debt that isn’t yours that constantly leaves you broke and empty. Leaving it to fill you.

Now please realize your gift. The awe is in its rareness. Thieves understand your worth. It seems they attempt to steal it at all cost.

Guard it.

It’s something that can’t be understood unless obtained. Share it, though,  modestly.

Cherish it, while understanding, there’s not too many that houses it.

Finally, protect it.

It rejoices in others downfall, but you will not waiver. Do not budge in giving it the satisfaction.

Stay calm……Don’t lose it…. Darkness only overcomes light when you shut your eyes.

Now, breathe……Again……Once more.

You shouldn’t accompany with which wishes to be lonely. Stop being the ear that is whispered sweet nothings. You do not have the time to waste for what has no sense of it.

Whatever negative things you have incurred give it your back.

In front of you is the gift of peace.  

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