Unkempt-unkempt hair look

Amazingly enough in 2019 there still exist reasoning to pass laws to stop discrimination on another set of people.

Over fifty years ago Congress passed a law we all know as the Civil Rights Act. This law stopped discrimination in the hiring and firing process of the workplace, due to your sex and race. So, we needed another law to force a group of people to be fair to another group of people. Now, companies could incur penalties if proven employment decisions involved race, sex, disability, or religion.

Even with it being nonsense to need to force others to treat people with decency it doesn’t stop there. It gets more ridiculous when we find ourselves passing more laws to right all the wrongs continuing today. New York City and Californian now speak on the protection of African American women and their natural hair.

How is it not so twistedly damaging to explain to your child that laws now allow African American women the right to wear their natural hair? New York City and California already spoke on their hair discriminations laws and specifically spoke of the reasoning being that the black women continue being affected drastically at work and school.


Discrimination Towards Our Natural Hair


Discrimination in work and school places continues in 2019. Many private schools make it their business to single out African Americans natural hair. The hair codes in some schools hide behind health and safety laws to punish our girl’s natural hair choices. Many girls conform to straightening their afros so to not cause any conflict. In several incidences, the emphasis of cutting children dreadlocks or threat of suspension occurred. Why? Due to the dreadlocks “distraction”. If our hair isn’t looked at as unkempt, unclean, or unprofessional, it is label as faddish. These terms help the systems hide the action to advertently discriminate against the African American hair.

Some schools don’t hide their personal thoughts and state outright boldly how they feel about our hair. They ask for straightening of all afros and specifically ask for no braids and dreadlocks. Our rights become offended because our cultural hairstyles offend the system. Culturally we can trace braids, plaits, twists, and more back longer and deeper than lots of cultural identity markers. A cultural identity marker that seems to trigger a hatred towards us and our freedom to live within our own culture.

New York City and California now confirm penalties will take place for the discrimination of those who wear their natural hair. They have both made several statements backing their reasoning.

“There is a widespread and fundamentally racist belief that black hairstyles are not suited for formal settings, and may be unhygienic, messy, disruptive, or unkempt.”

With California Crown Coalition taking lead diminishing something that had no business existing in the first place, it has woken up plenty of people.

In the 70’s our natural hair was a representation of black pride and black freedom. Before, black women were said to be 80% more likely to not wear their natural hair to not cause unwanted attention from the majority that expected them to fit in. Now, we have seen sales of hair relaxers drop 50 million in five years. They may call us unkempt and kinky but we are no longer letting them take our crown!

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