Cut Above

It took a lot for me to get to the point where I was able to hold scissors in my right hand, and his dreadlocks in my left. Locks have always been a cut above any other hairstyle for me, and when my husband and I took on locks together I never saw us without them. They say that when a woman cuts her hair, she is about to change her life. What about a man? Do we take the time to ask why a man has taken the journey to grow his hair without letting a blade ever touch it? Has anyone ever wondered the thought process of that same man when he decides it is time to rid it all? 


The why for my husband was never an issue. My husband grew locks because he knew they were my ideal hairstyle. One day he asked me, and the next day, it seemed, he was growing his hair out. This being one reason I struggled with him deciding to cut his locks. As much as the hair was attached to his head, I was equally or more attached to his hair. Over a decade we’d wash, nourish, and style each other locks. 


In the beginning, my husband was a little weary. Our locks had become embedded in who we were. A part of our strength, boldness, firmness, and confidence. It brought on conversation, questions, hesitation, and adoration. As our hair grew the weight in itself kept our heads held high. No doubt did we believe our hair was apart of our strength and who we were. So, it made since my husband felt a little wary at first. Though, each month I could tell he was getting surer and surer. 


It Was Time

My issue was I needed to know the reason why, and he didn’t have a reason. Was it for a higher position at work? Did he feel his hair was stopping him in some sort of way? No, it wasn’t that. As time continued to pass my heart sunk even more because I began to understand the reason even before he knew why. It was time. In many cultures, vows are taken about their hair. In a Nazarite vow, a man or woman vows to never cut their hair among other things for a period of time. It was time. 


It was time for him. To let go, to move forward, to start fresh. He has always been a go-getter and a person who knew when to let go no matter how uncomfortable it was or daunting. He knew how to unload to be able to enter a new level in life. It is one of the many things I loved about him. This was something I had been learning from him. Now all my learning was put to the test. From a woman who never changed what I ordered restaurants, or routes I would take, or genres of movies, I’d learn to expand out of my comfort zone with him. I realized the man reason I didn’t want him to cut his hair is that I was comfortable and content with his locks. My body was fighting back because I was going to take on a change. 


A Cut Above

In so many words he had told me he believes he has done a lot of good during the growth of his locks. Just the same he felt he had made mistakes, bad moves, wrong turns, and negative decisions in them as well. It was time to start afresh. That day I said what he was waiting to hear. Lets cut it. New Year’s Eve I did the honors and cut every lock from my husband’s head. Looking forward to being a cut above the year before. 


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