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A Monologue by BoldlyLoc’d

Can you relate to staring at a blank sheet of paper? Whether on the laptop screen or just plain old fashion paper, the brightness becomes painfully piercing as you stare at something so empty and bland. Your essence anxious to fill it with life. 


No excitement of colors or black boldness to give it a purpose of existence. No meaning other than a desire for a purpose other than existing for not.


Don’t let the fear of this nothingness in front of you win. It needs you more than you need it. Within you, the teacher lives. The master. Your essence, no doubt, shines as the creative inventor of all the paper needs. Draw your strength from knowing that without you it would just be. And who wants that kind of being? One of the worst things in this living appears when you have no substance or reason for life. It creates destruction if that something without purpose becomes surrounded by those who the creator designed full of meaning.


This, from everything else, creates a place where resentment is drawn. Having the knowledge that the very existence of living all depends on how your boldness reacts to its absence of color.


This blank canvas that brought cautiousness to you and even fears, because someone of old was fooled into deeming it too pure to be touched, now becomes your master. Yes, your master.


Why? Because now instead of you being the creative being the creator created you to be, your servitude leans towards this blank nothingness. And though this nothingness depends on your somethingness to become something tangible it would rather just be your master.


Take back your power. Lead, teach, speak, guide, and never lose your control. Never lose your story, whether in words or picture. The music notes dance on the paper because the sounds of nature compliment our soul. The artist shines in you because by design you are art. You are the author because you were first written at the beginning of life’s story,


I write because writing always existed as my essence before mans’ understanding of time. I see the sheet full of words before my ink places a drop. Know who you are in the midst of what the paper wants you to think you are. Don’t lose your essence.


Don’t be the paper.


  1. Wow! This is very empowering! It gives me a totally new way to view myself. 😊

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