Your Hair and Headaches: Are They Connected

As a child, I suffered from massive migraines. I can recall one Martin Luther King Jr. Holiday my family and I attended the march the way we always did, and after each annual march, we made sure to attend the festival. I loved the festival. The art, the people, the music, I just couldn’t get enough. Yet that day I suffered a severe migraine. My excitement and love for the festival could not push me to still try and enjoy it. As I got older I began to understand the different types of headaches I dealt with and how to combat them. The hunger headaches, stress, eye strain, and even my diet brought on headaches. As I learned more and more about my headaches, I never thought to exam how my hair on my head could be effecting the pain in my head. Could there lie connection to hair and headaches?


Chemicals and Natural Hair Care Products

Plenty of chemicals in hair products causes hair follicles to be destroyed. A lot of these chemicals can give bad reactions to your body as well. A few weeks ago I saw a post that showed a picture of a bottle of tea tree oil that you pick up at your nearest dollar store with a caption that said THIS IS NOT TEA TREE OIL!

A lot of ladies seemed shocked. People are too trusting when it comes to companies of their favorite products. You should research what ingredients your products use, to determine if these chemicals connect to the headaches you suffer from.

Research like this could help you determine if the ingredients caused your reactions of dizziness or headaches. These reactions could last an hour or two and if this happens you should really think about getting rid of that product. If your reactions last even longer then you should speak to your doctor.

Know that even though I deem natural products better than chemical products, I still make sure to read my ingredients. Natural essential oils could irritate your scalp and cause headaches from allergic reactions. The scents from the essential oils could also cause your head to hurt. Reading is very imperative. We love our hair well-taking care of, but it kind of defeats the purpose if you develop a headache in the end.

If you can’t come up with the time to find out what is in your products, find someone that already took the time to do so! Consumer Advocate at is a great site with great research on several essential oil companies and the purity of their essential oils. They continuously work hard in finding the best essential oil companies for you!




Many of us have jumped through hoops to grow long hair. Our bathroom is filled with promising products, or we have even tried remedies like rice water. No one thinks about the cons of long hair when the pros are ringing in their ears. Yet there are two sides to everything. Did you know that long hair could be a cause to your headache? I found this out the hard way when I styled my locs in an updo. I never knew the weight of my hair until I piled it on top of my head! When it comes to the weight on our heads we have to be careful. High and tight ponytails or extra weight from extensions, can be trouble for your head. One of the reasons to make sure you trim your hair is that it gives your roots relief. Those with locs have even cut their hair in layers to help lessen the weight as it grows longer. 


Stay away from:


  • Tight braids
  • Heavy extensions
  • Over styling

Your Hair and Headaches: Are They Connected



The weight doesn’t just come from the hairstyle. The accessories you put in your head can really cause too much pull on your roots. We have to remember that new growth is very brittle because it is the newborn of your hair follicles. The new growth will not be used to the pulls and frictions that is put on your hair on a daily basis, in the beginning. You should make sure the clamps and bow aren’t placed on your head too tight. Even using scarves and caps tightly and persistently will cause damage to your hair and give you massive headaches. Bonnets seem the best option when trying to tie your hair up at night to avoid tangling in the morning. 

Haircare can be a headache at times. Then it can be the cause of your headaches in the process of styling and beautifying your hair. If you have zeroed out all the causes for your headaches, I recommend looking into your hair care treatment to make sure you caring for your hair isn’t creating your headaches. Don’t allow beauty to deter you from being healthy from head to toe!





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