Your Hair Smell: Go From Hating To Loving the Scent

I can recall the smell of my hair through each phase of my hair journey. When I rocked a Jerry Curl I could not stand the scent of the Jerry Curl spray. After begging my mom for a perm, not knowing what it entailed, I began to hate and even get sick from the chemical smell of the cream that my mom spread on my hair. The Sulfur 8 grease seemed to help my dandruff and kept my hair shiny, but the scent lingered in my hair all day. From the grease, gels, and sprays, I can’t recall ever loving the scent of my hair early in life. 


Cleaning Your HairYour Hair Smell: Go From Hating To Loving the Scent

I have found many people have tried every which way to clean their hair:

  1. Mayonaise
  2. Eggs
  3. Baking Soda
  4. Tomato juice
  5. Lemon Juice


I must admit I have not gotten the urge to rummage through my fridge for assistance in my hair cleaning process yet. I choose to stick with apple cider vinegar to clean my locks. Mixing water with apple cider vinegar and letting it sit on your head for five to ten minutes strips aways build up and very bad odor your hair holds. Once you have a buildup of Sebum and sweat your hair will begin to smell. This natural oil your body creates, Sebum, helps to protect and moisturize your skin. Excess of this oil becomes a problem. 



I never gave my hair the opportunity to be graced with essential oils until I got older. The smell brought to my hair as I played with different ones made me fall in love with my hair all over again. I’m not a sweet scent girl but if you lean towards sweeter smells you should try and mix some of these sweet-smelling oils in your shampoos and find what best fits for you!

I put lavender essential oil in my overnight hair cream. The smell of my hair as I fall asleep helps me to relax and destress. In the morning I am awakened to its amazing smell as well. 

My Lavender Night Cream Help Yourself!

  • 1 oz Grape Seed Oil
  • 1 oz Jojoba Oil
  • ½ oz aloe vera
  • 15 drops of Lavender Essential oil


Keep it Cleanswim hair don’t care

Be sure to always wash your hats, scarfs, and pillowcases to minimize having to deal with bad odors in your head. Your hair tools should also be cleaned out thoroughly, including your brushes and combs. And if you are not convinced that smoking is bad for your lungs yet, know that it is also the cause for the stench in your hair. Always be aware of the scent change in your hair and what could be the cause. For example not washing your hair enough is an obvious issue with the smell of your hair, but did you know washing too much is just as bad and will cause an odor?!

Yes, that is right. There are so many reasons your hair can be smelling awful but don’t get discouraged, there are just as many ways to combat it! How did you go from hating to loving the scent of your hair?





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