curly natural hair

The so-called black man and woman formed from the foundation of earth can no longer be denied their beauty. Somedays I find myself wishing that I could slow down the business of life and play my people in slow motion, giving me time to indulge in the living art we call black people. The way we walk, speak, write, andContinue Reading

The Berry That is Very Good for Your Hair

There are many foods that promote the health of your hair. Avocados definitely make it to that list. Classified as a fruit, Avocado is the berry that is very good for your hair in various ways.    There are so many ways for our hair to become damaged. We see a lot of damage with overheating and dying our hair.Continue Reading

She Doesn't

She doesn’t look to be what others seem to be, you see the rarity in her build. A consistent wise word on her lips, and no price point on her skill. She doesn’t attract the wrong energy, she speaks life and not death. She works through any sweat and pain even when it seems to others that no work isContinue Reading

It really isn’t a case of who had it first. Appropriation seems to be a heated topic for those who appropriate. Yes, culture clashes in many areas, but we can’t pass the moments it is stolen. The so-called black people in America began to unravel and uncover where we started and continue to find things we never quite imagined. NotContinue Reading

Young and Graying

The fashion of young women and graying their hair has not pulled me in a direction of awe or dismay. Being in elementary with gray strands emerging has been a norm for me and not such a  big deal. As I got older and my strands multiplied I began to become proud of my silvering. Most older women, cringe atContinue Reading